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Getting ready for our 2019 open garden at Mulligatawny Farm

Getting ready for our 2019 open garden at Mulligatawny Farm

View of distant mountains from the top terrace (Photograph: Mary-Jane Harris)

We are delighted to have the privilege of hosting (and benefitting) from an open garden weekend at Mulligatawny Farm again this year on 12th and 13th October. Everybody who visits these gardens comes away absolutely rejuvenated and inspired by a rare opportunity to see somebody’s personal vision translated into reality.

Michael Hogan is the creative force behind the garden, and we owe him and Mervyn Joseph, his partner, a huge debt for throwing open their private refuge to us all—and to supporting the work of the St George’s Turning Point Foundation.

Since our last open garden in 2017, Michael has extended the garden by several hectares and continued with the eternal labour of perfecting what is already there. In the grand scheme of things, this is a relatively young garden (under 20 years old), so you will see great changes as the landscaping starts to mature.

For example, the American poplars leading down to the lake have grown dramatically and the full effect of walking down this avenue towards the water is greatly enhanced. Another new project is the bamboo garden between the potager  and the river, which can be seen well from the dam in front of the house.

Michael has also landscaped the whole area at the entrance to the farm with his trademark dramatic flair. It is made abundantly clear that one is entering a very distinct world.

The garden is full of secret places, supporting a vibrant ecology (Photograph: Mary Jane Harris)

Mervyn has become interested in bees, which play such an important ecological role and are under threat at the moment. The beehives have been moved from the area adjacent to the Garden Cathedral, and are now placed in the indigenous bush around the Sulking Pool. We hope that his apiarist will be able to spend time at the open garden and give some talks.

As always, we will be offering food and drink at this year’s open garden, again down at the “poolhouse”. We are partnering with a new company and will update you with details closer to the time—but expect gourmet food trucks and more! Once again, Janine Shearer from Appellations will be offering a wine and champagne bar as well to keep the festive spirits high.

A selection of plant specialists will also be selling rare plants.

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