Sparrow FET

Turning Point Foundation’s first partner in the quest to empower our youth with marketable skills is Sparrow FET College. During 2017, we provided support to 38 learners. Our money went towards providing students interning in business with stipends to cover food and transport, as well as assessment and registration fees to allow young people to enroll on courses.

This is how the College summed up progress so far:

“These partnerships, if structured correctly, can in the long-term lead to an up skilling of our unemployed youth and employment possibilities for the youth of our country. It has been said that the root of unemployment is not only the lack of jobs, but a key underlying issue is also the inadequately educated workforce. This challenge is likely to be amplified in the coming years due to the Fourth Industrial Revolution and it is expected that skills demands will change significantly over the next five years, pointing at the importance of aligning education with the skills needed in the labour market, making the need for partnerships like the one between Turning Point Foundation and Sparrow FET College a necessity for addressing the needs of South African youth and our economy.”

But, as always, the real goal is to make a positive impact on our fellow humans. St George’s Turning Point Foundation salutes these young people who are taking the first steps to better their lives, and is pleased to have been of some small assistance.